Hi guys! My name is Robyn and this is my first blog. It debuts today, 28 May 2012. I am from Manila, Philippines. I am a part-time student and full-time son and brother. I have a sister, two years older than me. We both love reading books, but I only got the whole reading books thing from her. I so love to write, I write some stories, but haven’t published them yet to the public, just wait! I take some time from my daily life trying to e good at art like my mom. Music is also my passion. I listen to music while studying or travelling. I work out everyday. I try to give my body shape, since I’m a tall, dark, skinny kid. I like speaking  for myself. I am a pretty frank kid. I have big dreams. I have big ambitions. I have lots of things I want to do in life, and I start at living a simple life. Nonetheless, I never dreamed of a simple future, I want it to be like a fantasy, something worth dreaming of. And I want other kids out there, living inside a box, to do the same. Let’s rise up and make a spot for ourselves. When  I grow up, I want to be an inspiration to kids who grow up like me. I want them to be free, to have a voice for themselves, to live a dream! And these are the reasons why I am proud of myself, I am not an ordinary kid in my eyes, but someone worth being proud of!