The Vampire Foundation

The IS FOUNDATION aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.

Ian Somerhalder loving the green

We all know Ian Somerhalder as the vicious Damon Salvatore of the famed The Vampire Diaries. Ian recently visited the Philippines to promote his foundation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. The foundation promotes saving our nature and the environment. This proves that Ian is not only a great actor, but he also have a heart to help our nature for our use and also for the future generation. The said foundation is just one of the many organizations who wants to lead us to making our environment clean and safe. Some of these agencies or organizations are Greenpeace, EarthFirst, Wildlife Conservation Society, The National Geography Society and many others.

Big celebrities usually support some charities or foundations, but Mr. Somerhalder here did a change. He made his own foundation, created by him and is for the betterment of our environment. This is really such a noble job to do. Instead of spending all his money on his restaurant reservations and casino coins, he spends his earning to support this foundation.

Here are some of the motives of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation:

  • Distributing funds and resources towards global conservation, green energy development/deployment and educational tools.
  • Creating awareness that global deforestation can be seen as a national/international and global security risk.
  • Creating mobility by engaging and supporting of the most powerful, yet disregarded, disrespected and overlooked population on the planet – our youth.
  • Ending animal cruelty and promoting programs such as: “species specific sterilization drugs”, transferring and re-training of abandoned animals into assistive and therapy guides.
  • Supporting and creating sustainable strategies for “no-kill shelters”

I think everyone deserves do be part of this change that Mr. Somerhalder is starting. Let’s help him and we can all make a change. Visit the site at Let us follow Ian in this because he is a leader. Let’s all get involved in this and someday, we’ll be proud to say “I helped Ian Somerhalder save the nature!” The site also has some really cool features. There is a portion for the youth, the kids and the ISF book club. Volunteering is easy, you will just email them at and you will give them your age, your interests/passion and your skills.

This is a really inspirational act and it is for a cause so don’t worry about meeting strangers. We are all here for a cause, and Ian found his. I hope you find yours too. I hope one day, we can all be part of one cause, to make Earth a better place and to be proud that we are earthlings!