School was out for summer!

Summer in the Philippines began almost two months ago. A lot have happened this summer of 2012. Lots of exciting stuff, and also lots of boring stuff. Lots have inspired me, lots have downed me. Lots of people, lots of places. The only thing we missed was school. But in the end, you can never regret a single second of your life because in one way or the other, things can be for your own good. Things happen not just because they happen. They happen for something and that something is something worth happening, trust me! Cherish every moment, everyday of your life, be happy and be proud!

The summer started with my sister graduation. She have survived 4 years in Manila Science High School. Now she goes to college to pursue a career she dreams of. She will take up Industrial Pharmacy for 5 years in college. While I will still wait for two more years before graduating high school, then going off to college for my turn to pursue my architecture dream.

Went for ice cream after graduation

Me and my sister

Of course, in any graduation, there should be a graduation ball. It was held maybe a week after my sister’s graduation at Sofitel Hotel. While they were partying inside, my mom and I got to enjoy the hotel view and some fresh ocean air.

Me and my sister

Me and my mom by this awesome view

Look at that view of the West Philippine Sea

Then the real fun starts! Mom decided to take us to a trip to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna one Sunday. We woke up early to go to church then we left for the trip that lasted for almost an hour and a half. Then the day ended at about 8pm when we had dinner and left to head back home.

Yeah, that’s us!

This is before riding the Log Jam

This is before riding a coaster

Bump car

Just had ice cream

By the bridge

Space Shuttle! Our favorite part of the park

It was Easter that Sunday

Dinner time with some live music

Very tired but a very awesome day

After maybe a few weeks, we went back again to Laguna for an overnight outing. Mom was at work and she called about lunchtime to tell us to pack some clothes and be ready to leave at about dinnertime. Of course, I was excited to be out of the house again. We’ve been doing nothing since the last trip we had. Me and my sis were reading lots of books already. So, I hurried upstairs to get a bag and come clothes and of course some swimwear. I remember i got really excited that I was also the one who packed my sister’s stuff. Packing wasn’t really that hard, I enjoyed it! So, at about 6pm I think, we left and went to McDonald’s and waited for our mom. So when mom arrived, we left and went to a private hot spring resort in Pansol, Laguna. We were there with some of mom’s friends. I remember enjoying the ride because it was dark outside and the highway air was rushing into the window.

It was really fun! We started swimming at maybe 12 in the midnight, the water was hot (that’s why it’s called a hot spring resort) and there was this tiny slide. I think we slept at about 3am and woke at 8pm. We went swimming again in the morning. But I got sunburned, just think of the hot water and the scorching sun combined! We had free swimming lessons from mom so it was fun! Well, we left the resort to head back home at 3 in the afternoon. It was yet another event of the summer we really enjoyed.

Me and my sister

What? It was really hot!


Yey! ❤

Well, that’s about it for our summer getaways. Of course, we also watched movies, went out for lunch or dinner or just a snack. This was my sister’s last summer before college, so she had to do some enrollments and medical check-ups and stuff.

Oh, The Avengers was out this summer and luckily, we had the time and chance to see out. Thanks to my mom! We also watched The Dark Shadows after my sister’s enrollment.

The was this Dark Shadows chair in Greenbelt

We had lunch @ La Piadina before watching The Avengers

Wearing my new Armani shirt! Thanks to my mom ❤

We sure had lots of fun this summer! Well, other than those family getaways, I also had some quality time with my Sophomore classmates. Since we’re already turning juniors, we enjoyed some of our time going to the mall and skating (yey!).

That’s it, my reader! Thanks for joining me in looking back to some of my favorite summer events. Quality family time is always important in a person’s life. Look at us, mom’s got to work, my sister goes to college, and I also go to school. We don’t see each other 24 hours a day you know, but we can still call ourselves a very happy family. We enjoy the tiniest moments we could, either going out to the mall, or just watching some movies at home. We should still cherish every second because no one knows what could happen later or tomorrow. As long as we’re staying alive, happy, healthy and safe, never regret anything. That’s why I always pray at night to keep my family safe and healthy for tomorrow. Be happy and be proud for having your family!