Hi guys! My name is Robyn and this is my first blog. It debuts today, 28 May 2012. I am from Manila, Philippines. I am a part-time student and full-time son and brother. I have a sister, two years older than me. We both love reading books, but I only got the whole reading books thing from her. I so love to write, I write some stories, but haven’t published them yet to the public, just wait! I take some time from my daily life trying to e good at art like my mom. Music is also my passion. I listen to music while studying or travelling. I work out everyday. I try to give my body shape, since I’m a tall, dark, skinny kid. I like speaking  for myself. I am a pretty frank kid. I have big dreams. I have big ambitions. I have lots of things I want to do in life, and I start at living a simple life. Nonetheless, I never dreamed of a simple future, I want it to be like a fantasy, something worth dreaming of. And I want other kids out there, living inside a box, to do the same. Let’s rise up and make a spot for ourselves. When  I grow up, I want to be an inspiration to kids who grow up like me. I want them to be free, to have a voice for themselves, to live a dream! And these are the reasons why I am proud of myself, I am not an ordinary kid in my eyes, but someone worth being proud of!   


One thought on “Bonjour!

  1. Good Day!
    One thing I am proud of is being part of our family. You are so blessed to live a wonderful simple life and to have such a beautiful family. Graced to have all you need in life is one great blessing. To have such an awesome talent is worth sharing to the world.
    You are still young so just enjoy your wonderful life and be your self all the way…
    This blog thing really surprised me… but when I started to explore your blog site I got interested and followed all the way…
    I had read all your great blogs from the start and will continue reading every time just update me whenever you have a new one… I really truly enjoy reading these inspiring words coming deep from you I’m sure.

    Just like you when I was young and perhaps when I was same as your age, I write so much about anything I could think of. But back in the days I do it by hand and done loads of notes I lost in time. I use to write stories too and even draw lots of pictures, sketches of anything I see. It is great we have this talent in our family…
    Our artistic side is one of our awesome gifts.

    I am thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful family and having you as my nephew.
    You became not only my nephew, but also my brother and best friend too. Even though we live far away… still the love it there. And you, my sister and my only niece is in my heart forever and ever. You are very lucky to have your sister Nize with you all the way… How I wished to have grown up living with my sisters, having time to play, study and bond with them. Having the days asking my sisters to help me in my homework or just reading a book with them. Going places, do crazy things, wrestle each other and having someone to go to school with and maybe someone to protect me from the bullies. Well again your blessed to have your sister with you so take care of her and love her…
    Okay. Like how I Love my Sisters
    Well just continue what you to best… continue to be proud of who you are…
    Be thankful, care and love your only mother and sister.
    Good luck with your awesome blogs. Always deep from the Heart.

    Grandma and I loves You, Ate Rascel, & Nize so much… We Miss you.
    God Bless!
    =) *Ate Mac*

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